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Quicker way of ordering material

we should be able to order through the search Job Number field. we would just click on what ever Receipt Id is available for us to order then the order screen pops up with all the info from that Receipt Id ( no typing ) just select Yes or NO.

Maybe even just how many pallets you want. what this should do is stop our searching before ordering and all the typing we do to process the order.

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  • Apr 16 2018
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    April 21, 2018 05:31

    This would cause countless emails about why material is unavailable, and clicking on each Receipt ID to see if it is available would be very time consuming.

    I think the order process should be made more User friendly. We should not have to choose between Surplus and Live.  Type in Job Number and have all material show up, and have green/red letters identify avail vs unavailable or just make it easy to read like the skid ordering process.